RPI System

What is the RPI system that High Schools are now using?  Below is an explanation.

RPI: Rating Percentage Index is a statistical system used to comparatively rank teams. RPI is transparent as anyone can calculate the number by looking at standings.  The purpose of the RPI is to seed teams into state brackets using this statistical system.

Below is the formula used for the RPI system.

The formula set to be used is: RPI = (45% x MWP) + (45% x OWP) + (10% x OOWP)


  • MWP (Modified Winning Percentage): Divide the number of possible points by the number of total available points from games played accounting for the adjustment between classifications.
  • OWP (Opponents Winning Percentage): Average of the winning percentage of a team’s opponents (Note: this is not calculated via the combined record of the opponents, but rather by averaging the winning percentage of the opponents).
  • OOWP (Opponents’ Opponents Winning Percentage: Same process as OWP except the calculation is with the opponents of the team’s opponent. **Note: there is an exception for out-of-state opponents – see below.

Here is a link to the RPI Homepage https://www.uhsaa.org/rpi/